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AirTec is known for its fairness to each client. For the warranty to be valid, all our warranty conditions must be met. Each of our customers is obliged to acquaint themselves with our warranty conditions in detail in advance, and upon agreement to work together, they automatically accept them. The warranty conditions are generally available on our website and are additionally delivered in printed form to every customer using our services.

AirTec recommends that you have the installation work carried out directly by us at the headquarters or at one of our trusted workshops indicated in CONTACTS. That way you are always safe!


1. Warranty

The warranty period of our products is as follows:

  • Airspring – 12 months
  • Adaptive shock absorber – 12 months
  • Air compressor – 6 months

In individual cases (exceptions), another warranty period is possible, for example an extended warranty, which is subject to a separate agreement with the customer. The term begins to run from the date of receipt of the repaired item by us (receipt from the customer), not from the date of its installation or operation. That is, if you have purchased a repaired shock absorber from us and keep it in stock, and then decide to use it after 12 months, the warranty has expired regardless of the fact that it has not been used until then.

2. Object of warranty

The AirTec warranty applies to major or total overhauled airsprings, shock absorbers and air compressors. Partial repairs for the purpose of “temporary fixing” or only replacement of various pads, air connectors, cuffs and other peripheral parts are not covered by the warranty (because almost all parts remain the same). Old parts that have been provided to us for inspection and found to be sound are not warranted. This is important to know so that there are no cases where a warranty is sought on an old part (some already over 15 years old) just because we have checked or tested it and found no visible problems with it.

3. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty ONLY covers the component repaired by us. In case of possible damage to our product, we are NOT responsible for accompanying damages and costs as a result of the damage. Peripheral damage, roadside assistance costs, assembly/disassembly and transport costs, lost profits as a result of a defective car and everything else, other than the part repaired by us, are not subject to warranty claims.

4. Cases in which the warranty is void:
4a. Poor quality or incorrect assembly/disassembly.

In the event that improper installation is found to be the cause of damage, the warranty is void. AirTec recommends that you carry out the installation work directly with us at the headquarters or at one of our trusted workshops. Installation errors made by us or our trusted service will NOT void the warranty.

4b. Damage as a result of a road accident.

Damage to a component repaired by us, which is a direct consequence of a road accident, is not covered by the warranty.

4c. Damage to an airspring as a result of a defective (leaking) shock absorber.

One of the most common causes of airspring failure is a defective shock absorber. Hydraulic oil leaking from the shock absorber damages the rubber. AirTec tests every shock absorber that comes to us in order to detect oiling in a timely manner. If you have provided us with an “air shock” with a cracked airspring and a busted leaking adaptive damper for repair and you wish to repair ONLY the airspring, refusing to repair the adaptive damper, even though that damper will also damage the new airspring, then the warranty is voided.

4d. Air compressor damage due to air leakage.

The task of the air compressor is to maintain a constant air pressure in the system. If, as a result of a broken airspring, bad installation or other side damage, there is an air leak and the system loses air from somewhere, the compressor automatically tries to compensate for this leak. In this case, the compressor starts working almost constantly to compensate for the air loss and thus overloads and depreciates. If an air leak is detected, which is the reason for the breakage of a compressor repaired by us, the warranty is void.

4e. Foreign interference.

AirTec provides its customers with ready-to-install refurbished parts. It is absolutely forbidden for our products to be disassembled or opened without our knowledge and consent. In the event that illegal foreign intervention is detected, the guarantee is automatically void.

Attention, EVERY adaptive damper is under high pressure! Any attempt to open or disassemble without the necessary tech and qualification can lead to severe injuries or DEATH!!! It is absolutely forbidden to open a shock absorber repaired by us! AirTec bears absolutely no responsibility in case of unauthorized actions with our shock absorbers!

5. What is warranty service?

In the event of a complaint, AirTec undertakes the full repair of the part subject to the complaint or refunds the full amount paid by the customer. For example, if you have a problem with our shock absorber, we will do our best to fix it by replacing everything in it at our expense. However, if there is another complaint and we cannot determine the cause of the problem again, we will refund your money.

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